Our student membership includes a total of sixteen features.
The benefits of each of these features are summarised below.

The primary feature of most Applied Maths support websites is recorded YouTube-like videos that have been placed behind a paywall. Such websites claim that watching these so-called “lessons” or “grinds” is an effective learning experience. 

In contrast, our members gain access to all of our digital, interactive lessons, allowing students to learn the subject more effectively.

Each of our lessons highlight the following:

The most important parts of the lesson.

Common mistakes that students make.

Tips to give students that extra edge on the exam!

Our digital lessons have garnered the reputation of being the most detailed, professional lessons available for Leaving Cert Applied Maths.

Check out the free lesson below to find out why!

Students that are not members can only watch our video walkthroughs for one specific topic each week.

For members, on the other hand, all of our video walkthroughs are unlocked for the entirety of their membership and can therefore be watched on-demand, including video walkthroughs of past paper exams and our mock exams.

This thereby allows members to prepare for all types of exam questions at their own convenience.

In addition to both our memberships and weekly classes, we also offer one-to-one grinds so that students can target their weakest areas.

Members get an exclusive 30% off these grinds, reducing them to just €35 each!

Therefore, if a student ends up needing several such grinds throughout the year, that student is essentially getting their membership for free!

NOTE: For the 2022/23 school year only, both members and non-members will get the discounted rate of €35! 

Rather than only having a teacher to help you while in school, wouldn’t it be great if you had access to a teacher while you are studying at home as well?

Well, we provide exactly that!

For every school day of the year, we stream live from 5pm – 6pm.

Members can type an Applied Maths question into Teacher Chat (shown in the bottom right), e.g.

“I just tried this question and have no idea what’s going on, help!”

We will then get to work helping you with that question on Teacher Live!

Outside of this time, we still offer support via Teacher Chat, again for every school day of the year.

As shown in our free digital lesson, we provide what we refer to as Knowledge Checks at the end of each lesson.

These collections of quick-fire questions give students immediate feedback as to whether that lesson “clicked” or not.

If that lesson clicked, students can then proceed to our corresponding practice questions for that lesson. If not, rather than jumping straight into attempting questions that they may no be ready for, students can instead first turn to one of our other features to help with their understanding, e.g. Teacher Live!

The only visual aids that are provided to students in a schoolbook are static images.

In contrast, we provide vibrant animations throughout our digital lessons.

These animations offer a more effective way of visually learning a new concept and of keeping a student engaged.

We provide our members with just as many exercise questions to practice with as found in a schoolbook.

As in a schoolbook, these questions are of varying difficulty, both at Higher Level and at Ordinary Level, thereby allowing students to build up their understanding towards exam-type questions.

As described in our “Walkthrough Solutions” feature, students can assess their understanding of each question in three different ways: with answers, solutions and walkthroughs!

Due to the recent change in the Applied Maths syllabus, there is a shortage of resources for students, particularly in terms of exam papers to practice with.

We therefore provide students with our own mock exams papers that are exclusive to our members.

As with our past paper questions, our mock exam questions can also be sorted both by exam and by topic!

As with our papers paper questions, we provide three different methods for students to check their understanding of each question.


These allow students quickly check if they did the question correctly.


These show students what should write down when answering the question.


These offer explanations as to where the solutions come from.

As always, even in the unlikely event that students still do not understand a particular question,  they can also get additional support on Teacher Live!

Each of our practice questions includes three different methods for students to check their understanding:

These allow students to quickly check if they did the question correctly.

These show students what they should write down when answering the question.

These explain to students where each solution comes from.

Therefore, unlike a schoolbook, not only do we provide the answers at the back of a schoolbook, not only do we provide the solutions found in a teacher’s handbook, but we also include written walkthroughs, i.e. what a teacher would say if they explained the solution to you.

Can you imagine having answers, solutions and walkthroughs to every single exercise question in your schoolbook?! Wow!

We make no assumptions about a student’s understanding of maths, what they have done so far in their maths subject, whether they are doing Higher Level or Ordinary Level maths etc.

Instead, any time we feel that some students may first require a quick introduction to a particular maths topic in order to understand a concept in Applied Maths, we provide that content in a tab at the start of the corresponding digital lesson, including in this free lesson!

This content also provides a teaser as to what students can expect to find on L.C. Maths, our Leaving Cert Maths website.

Not only do we not assume anything about a student’s understanding of Leaving Cert Maths, we also make no assumptions about what each student recollects about Junior Cycle Maths!

Instead, any time an Applied Maths concept requires knowledge of a Junior Cycle Maths topic, we provide that material in a tab at the start of the corresponding digital lesson, including in this free lesson!

In 6th year, applied maths students write a report on a topic associated with Applied Maths. This project is worth 20% of a student’s final grade, with the Leaving Cert examination worth the remaining 80%.

Don’t worry! This project requires submitting a report of at most 900 words and is considered to be an easy way to collect marks!

We provide several sample projects so that students can see exactly what is expected from their projects, in addition to tips and tricks that are specific to this year’s project.

For all three of the midterm breaks throughout the school year, we will be hosting revision livestreams via Teacher Live! for a total of 10 hours each midterm (5 hours each for 5th years and 6th years respectively).

Rather than simply giving an ineffective “crash course”, we instead allows the students themselves to decide what material we should discuss via Teacher Chat, including very general questions such as: 

“I think I’m just not getting this topic, can you help me?”

That way, we make revision as effective as possible by targeting exactly what each student needs help with.

For our 6th years, we will livestream 9am – 9pm for each of the three days prior to the Leaving Cert Applied Maths exam (a total of 36 hours!)

If any member needs support with their last bit of revision, they can hop on to Teacher Chat and ask us for help, e.g.

“I tried this past paper question but keep getting an incorrect answer. What am I doing wrong?”

As always, we will then answer that question there and then on Teacher Live!

We provide concise “cheat sheets” that allow students to quickly confirm that they understand all of the essentials for every topic.

As with our digital lessons, each sheet comprises a collection of the most important points of each topic in three different categories.

The most important parts of the topic.

Common mistakes that students make.

Tips to give students that extra edge on the exam!

An example of such a revision sheet is provided for free below!

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