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Thank you for signing up for a school licence on A.M. Online!

Below, we will explain how to use one of the biggest benefits of the teacher account associated with your school licence – the ability to show/hide content.

Note: This page is best viewed on a computer screen rather than a mobile device.

By default, the following content is only visible on a teacher account and not on student accounts associated with a school licence:

  • Exercise set solutions
  • Mock exam questions
  • Mock exam solutions

However, a teacher can quite easily “turn on” any particular set of exercise set solutions, mock exams etc., thereby also making them visible on student accounts.

In fact, teachers have even more control than that! They can switch them on for students of a specific class without changing anything about the visibility of that content for students in other classes.

Let’s see how that works with an example!

Example: Let’s say that your 5th year applied maths class has just completed the homework that you set for them from Exercise Set 1A in our online course. Rather than spending hours correcting that homework yourself, you correctly remember that your teacher account gives you the ability to show the students in this class the solutions to this exercise set, thereby allowing them to self-assess their homework.

How would I do that?

First, after logging in to your teacher account, click on the Dashboard button that you should see at the top of your screen.

You will then be presented with both your 5th and 6th year Applied Maths classes.

(All teachers will also see another class named A.M. Online – All Content. This class allows teachers to see all of the hidden content without first making it visible to students. For example, a teacher may wish to read the solutions of a particular exercise set in advance of making those solutions visible to students.)

If you click the View button for either of these classes, you will be shown the content of the online course that is visible to the students of that particular class.

However, we are currently interested in editing what the students in one these classes can see.

Therefore, for the 5th year class, click Edit.

Now, you will see what we refer to as the Course Builder page for that class.

Teachers can do various things on this page, including editing the titles of both the topics and lessons.

However, our current goal is to show the Exercise 1A solutions to the students of this class. Therefore, we should click the topic in which this exercise set is located, i.e. Topic 1 – Introduction to Vectors.

Next, we simply click the page that we want to change the visibility of, i.e. Exercise Set 1A Solutions, resulting in the following screen:

On this page, we are presented with a Visibility Settings box. This box works as follows:

If the box is empty, students can see that page. If the box is not empty, students cannot see that page.

It doesn’t matter what’s in the box – as long as there is something in the box, the students cannot see that page.

In this case, to empty the box, we need to click the ‘x’ next to Introduction.

Upon doing so, we are then presented with the following screen.

To finish, we simply need to click Select prerequisites item at the top followed by Update Lesson.

(This will temporarily add Select prerequisites item to the box. However, you will see that if you reopen this page, the box will in fact be empty.)

Done! Now the 6th year students can see those exercise set solutions and self-assess their own work, thereby freeing up more valuable time for the teacher!

Although that may seem like several steps, it actually only takes 10 seconds in practice! Give it a go!

What about the other way around?

There may be instances where a teacher may want to hide content that we have set as visible by default. For example, we have had several teachers who like the idea of hiding everything but the lessons that they have done so far.

If you wish to hide a currently visible lesson, simply repeat the steps as before. In this case, the visibility box will instead initially be empty.

To hide that content., simply click in that box and select any of the lessons that appear. (Again, it doesn’t matter which lesson you choose – as long as any lesson is in the visibility settings box, the students will not be able to see this lesson!)

Then, as before, click Update Lesson. As easy as that!

It’s not working, help!

If you’re having any issues with using this feature, feel free to reach out to us on Teacher Chat or at teacher@amonline.ie and we’ll be glad to assist!


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