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“Everything a student needs, all in one place.”

For one payment of  €99  €39,  we provide each student with ALL FIFTEEN of the following for the entire school year.
(Membership includes direct student-teacher interaction with features 2, 3 and 14!)

In addition to on-demand videos, the primary other feature of most membership websites is non-interactive notes/slides. 

In contrast, our members gain access to all of our interactive DIGITAL LESSONS, allowing students to learn the subject more effectively.

Each of our lessons highlight the following:

The most important parts of the lesson.

Common mistakes that students make.

Tips to give students that extra edge on the exam!

Rather than only having a teacher to help you while in school, wouldn’t it be great if you had access to a teacher while you are studying at home as well?

Well, we provide exactly that!

For every school day of the year, our teacher, Dr. Ciarán Kenny, offers live video support from 4pm using what we call TEACHER LIVE!.

Each school day, members can request a video call on Google Meet (Google’s version of Zoom), ask their question using their microphone, and then watch as Mr. Kenny answers that question then and there using his digital whiteboard. Nice!

Need help outside of Teacher Live! hours? We got your covered!

Regardless of whether it is the weekend, a bank holiday etc., students can continue to get the support that they need.

Using our TEACHER CHAT feature (shown in the bottom right), students can send us questions at any point during the school year. Within 24 hours (typically much sooner!), we will then answer that question with text, images and/or videos when necessary!

In addition to our free past paper video walkthroughs, we also include lots of additional ON-DEMAND VIDEOS with our membership!

For example, each our mock exams not only come with written answers and solutions, but also video walkthroughs!

We also provide what we refer to as KNOWLEDGE CHECKS at the end of every digital lesson.

These quizzes consist of quick-fire questions that give students immediate feedback as to whether that digital lesson “clicked” or not.

If that lesson clicked, students can then proceed to our corresponding practice questions for that lesson. If not, rather than jumping straight into attempting questions that they may not be ready for, students can instead first turn to one of our other features to help with their understanding, e.g. Teacher Live!

The only visual aids that are provided to students in a schoolbook are static images.

In contrast, we provide vibrant ANIMATIONS throughout our digital lessons.

These animations offer a more effective way of visually learning a new concept and of keeping a student engaged.

We provide our members with just as many PRACTICE QUESTIONS as found in a schoolbook.

As in a schoolbook, these questions are of varying difficulty, both at Higher Level and at Ordinary Level, thereby allowing students to build up their understanding towards exam-type questions.

Unlike a schoolbook, as described in our “Layered Solutions” feature below, students can assess their understanding of each question in three different ways: with answers, solutions and walkthroughs!

We provide students with our own MOCK EXAMS that are exclusive to our members.

Our mock exam questions can be sorted both by exam and by topic!

Our MOCK EXAM SOLUTIONS consist of three different methods for students to check their understanding of each question.


These allow students to quickly check if they did the question correctly.


These show students what should they write down when answering the question.


These offer explanations as to where the solutions come from.

As always, even in the unlikely event that students still do not understand a particular question,  they can also get additional support on Teacher Live!

Each of our practice questions include LAYERED SOLUTIONS in the form of three different methods for students to check their understanding:

These allow students to quickly check if they did the question correctly.

These show students what they should write down when answering the question.

These explain to students where each solution comes from.

Therefore, unlike a schoolbook, not only do we provide the answers at the back of a schoolbook, not only do we provide the solutions found in a teacher’s handbook, but we also include walkthroughs, i.e. what a teacher would say if they explained the solution to you.

Can you imagine having answers, solutions and walkthroughs to every single exercise question in your schoolbook? Well, we provide exactly that!

We make no assumptions about a student’s understanding of maths, what they have done so far in their maths subject, whether they are doing Higher Level or Ordinary Level maths etc.

Instead, any time we feel that some students may first require a quick introduction to a particular maths topic in order to understand a concept in Applied Maths, we provide that L.C. MATHS MATERIAL content in a tab at the start of the corresponding digital lesson.

This content also provides a teaser as to what students can expect to find on L.C. Maths, our Leaving Cert Maths website!

Not only do we not assume anything about a student’s understanding of Leaving Cert Maths, we also make no assumptions about what each student recollects about Junior Cycle Maths!

Instead, any time an Applied Maths concept requires knowledge of a Junior Cycle Maths topic, we also provide that J.C. MATHS MATERIAL in a tab at the start of the corresponding digital lesson.

In 6th year, applied maths students write a report on a topic associated with Applied Maths. This project is worth 20% of a student’s final grade, with the Leaving Cert examination worth the remaining 80%.

Don’t worry! This project requires submitting a report of at most 900 words and is considered to be an easy way to collect marks!

We provide several SAMPLE PROJECTS so that students can see exactly what is expected from their projects, in addition to tips and tricks that are specific to this year’s project.

For our 6th year members, we provide assistance during their final period of EXAM REVISION by livestreaming non-stop from 9am to 9pm during both of the two days prior to the Leaving Cert Applied Maths exam (a total of 24 hours!)

If any member needs support during this last bit of revision, they can hop on to Teacher Chat and ask us for help, e.g.

“I tried this past paper question but keep getting an incorrect answer. What am I doing wrong?”

As always, we will then answer that question then and there on Teacher Live!

We provide concise REVISION SHEETS that allow students to quickly confirm that they understand all of the essentials for every topic.

As with our digital lessons, each sheet comprises a collection of the most important points of each topic in three different categories.

The most important parts of the topic.

Common mistakes that students make.

Tips to give students that extra edge on the exam!

An example of such a revision sheet is provided for free below!

  €99  €39 is the total price for all of the above for the entire school year!

The majority of other membership websites are significantly more expensive and focus primarily on just two features: videos and notes/slides.

In particular, such memberships typically include little (if any) direct student-teacher interaction.

In contrast, we offer such interactions with a qualified teacher every school day via our Teacher Live! and Teacher Chat features, in addition to offering many other features that are unique to our website.

We give every new member 24 hours to check out all of our resources and features and, in the unlikely event that you don’t like what we offer, you can ask for a full refund – no questions asked!


Students are free to become a member at any point during the year.

Of course, the earlier you join, the more time you will have to make use of our resources.

The sooner, the better!

All of our resources have been optimised to work across all of the usual devices – computers, tablets and smartphones!

For more information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

“Students can get instant video support from a qualified teacher every school day using our Teacher Live! feature.”

Taught in small groups, and includes a FREE membership!

We offer a course consisting of 30 weekly classes spread throughout the school year.

1) Small Class Sizes

Classes are taught in small groups of a maximum of eight students.

2) Live & Recorded

Each of our live classes will be recorded so that they may be rewatched on-demand.

3) Includes a FREE Membership

This effectively makes our classes less than €7 each!!!
Our custom-made Knowledge Check quizzes also allow us to keep track of your progress throughout the year!

2023/24 CALENDAR

To join our weekly classes, simply click on your preferred timeslot!
More information about our weekly classes can be found using the button below!

We believe that there are five key elements associated with effective online classes:

1) Qualifications: Are all of the classes given by qualified, experienced teachers?

2) Class Size: Are the class sizes significantly smaller than in a free public school (≤ 12)?

3) Price: Are the classes significantly cheaper than one-to-one grinds (≤ €12)?

4) Benefits: Are more than 75% of our membership features included with the classes?

5) Support: Can I get additional instant video help from my class teacher every school day?

Although we consider these five qualities to be the bare minimum as to what should be expected from online classes, you may be surprised to find that the majority of other popular educational support websites only satisfy one of these requirements!


✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔


Dublin Academy

✘ ✘ ✘ ✘

Institute of Education

✘ ✘ ✘ ✘

Ashfield College

✘ ✘ ✘ ✘

Regular prices stated in the above. 2) is answered no if a maximum class size is not stated on the class details page. Information correct as of 30th June 2023.
Our classes are typically broken into the following five stages.

The first 5 – 10 minutes are spent checking if each student recalls and still understands the material from the previous week’s class.

This is of particular importance if the material of the current class directly relies on a deep understanding of the material from the previous class.


The teacher then introduces and explains the new concept(s).

Throughout this stage, the teacher will be frequently checking each student’s understanding by asking them questions.


Before jumping into practice questions, the class will then spend 5 minutes going through one of our own custom-made “Knowledge Checks”.

These quizzes consist of quick-fire questions which give the teacher immediate feedback as to whether the new material has “clicked” or not.

Based on the results of this quiz, the teacher may also decide to briefly return to stage 2 again above before proceeding to stage 4 below.


The teacher will then check each student’s understanding of the material by assigning some practice questions. This is typically done in three parts:

a) The teacher alone will go through the solutions to some questions.

b) The teacher & students will then go through the solutions to some questions together. The teacher will ask one student how to do the first step of a question, then another how to do the next step etc.

c) The students will then go through a question or two in full by themselves. The teacher will continuously ask students how they are getting on and will encourage them to ask for help if they get stuck.


In the last five minutes, the class as a whole will discuss how confident they feel in this new material.

The teacher will also provide additional practice questions for students to attempt in their own time.

Students will also be reminded that, if they get stuck attempting any of these questions, they can ask for immediate help on Teacher Live! or Teacher Chat while that issue is fresh in their mind rather than waiting until the next class.

This structure is very flexible and may differ in certain classes depending on the material that is being discussed.


However, as we keep our class sizes small, we may not have any timeslots remaining once terms starts.

The sooner, the better!

We offer the ability to create an additional timeslot for a group of students to be given at a time that suits that group.

Therefore, if many of your classmates/friends feel that they would benefit from having such classes, let us know at [email protected] and we’ll create that timeslot for your group!

For more information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Below, we’ve listed the actual prices for classes on several websites in addition to our opinions as to what those classes should actually cost.


Actual Price: €10

Our Opinion: €20


Actual Price: €37

Our Opinion: €4


Actual Price: €38

Our Opinion: €4

Regular prices stated in the above. Prices have been rounded to the nearest euro. Information correct as of 30th June 2023.

If you’d like to see where these figures came from, click the button below!

We’ll be quite generous in terms of what is considered to be a “fair price” for classes:

1) We’ll assume that a qualified teacher generating up to €160 in revenue per class is considered “fair”.

2) We’ll assume that an unqualified tutor generating up to €80 in revenue per class is considered “fair”.

For simplicity, we’ll place classes into one of the following three categories depending on class size:

1) Small group classes (maximum size of 8).

2) Large group classes (maximum size of 20).

3) Unrestricted classes (no set maximum size).

We’ll again be quite generous by assuming that “unrestricted” classes contain 40 students (even though our students have informed us that such classes are often a lot larger!)

After some quick maths, we arrive at the following prices for six different classroom environments, ranked from best to worst:

A) Small group classes with a qualified teacher should cost at most €20 each.

B) Small group classes with an unqualified tutor should cost at most €10 each.

C) Large group classes with a qualified teacher should cost at most €8 each.

D) Large group classes with an unqualified tutor should cost at most €4 each.

E) Unrestricted classes with a qualified teacher should cost at most €4 each.

F) Unrestricted classes with an unqualified tutor should cost at most €2 each.

Although we fall into category A, we do not charge the stated price of €20. Instead, as we feel that we have been quite generous in our assumptions above, we believe that the prices above are in fact too high.

“Don’t many classes also come with lots of additional benefits?”

Absolutely, including ours!

The features included with our free membership contain a lot more benefits than those included elsewhere. As such, if we also took into account the added benefits offered by other websites, it would make their prices look even worse.

If you are considering classes elsewhere, we strongly recommend first placing those classes into the one of the above categories to determine if you are being charged a fair price or not.

Designed to target your weakest areas.

As our one-to-one grinds are only €35 each, they are priced similarly to group grinds elsewhere!

1) Flexible

The student decides when the grind should take place and what we should discuss.

2) Live & Recorded

Each of our live grinds will be recorded so that they may be rewatched on-demand.

3) No Commitments

Our grinds can be booked one at a time.
Each of our students also receive their own personalised webpage that includes the recordings of each grind in addition to questions to practice with. [Example]
If you’re interested in booking one of our grinds, click an available timeslot in the following calendar:
If you’d first like more details about how these grinds work, click the button below!

The most effective way for a student to learn from a teacher is one-to-one.

Even so, all of the websites that we have previously mentioned have one thing in common – not a single one of them offers one-to-one tuition.

Such websites are therefore openly admitting that they do not offer the most effective means for their own students to learn.

The reason? One-to-one classes and grinds are not as profitable as group classes and grinds.

The education of students is therefore not their primary motivation.

In addition, offering such one-to-one tuition would further highlight how expensive their group classes and grinds are in comparison.

We, however, will always offer the tuition that results in the greatest improvements, regardless of whether that makes financial sense or not.


€35 each


Dublin Academy

Not offered

Institute of Education

Not offered

Ashfield College

Not offered

Information correct as of 30th June 2023.

Our one-to-one grinds cost €35 each.


After clicking the timeslot for your first grind, you will redirected to our checkout page where you will once again see the calendar above.

From there, each additional timeslot that you choose will be added to your basket so that you may book all of your grinds at once!

Each of our grinds students receive their own (password-protected) personalised webpage in which the recordings of all of their grinds (and additional practice questions) are conveniently located. [Example]

For more information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

“Our one-to-one grinds are comparable in price to many group grinds elsewhere.”

Below, you will find a sample of messages sent to us by some of our previous students.
“Hi, just wanted to say thank you so much.
Got the H1 in Applied Maths thanks to you!”
– Student #1 (Source)
“Hi I just wanted to email and let you know I got a H1 in ap maths!!!
Having picked it up last November with your notes I never could have imagined getting a H1 but thanks to your help I somehow achieved that so thank you so much!!!”
– Student #2 (Source)
“I want to thank you for helping me get a H1 in my leaving cert Applied maths exam!
I did not understand difference equations as we only had one class a week and the book was very confusing, but thanfully you taught it very very in depth.
I appreciate your Website and the work you do, thank you Mr. Kenny.”
– Student #3 (Source)
The above messages were sent to us voluntarily. We never ask students to leave us reviews as we consider this to be disingenuous.

In addition to fake reviews (see below), the following are unfortunately also very common in Irish educational support:

1) Incentivised Reviews: Many websites ask students to leave reviews with the promise of receiving future discounts, entries to prize draws etc. in return.

2) Deleted Reviews: Many of our students have stated that the negative reviews that they (or their parents) have left on social media pages, Trustpilot etc. for other websites have been removed without explanation.

In fact, based on the information provided by those students, such tactics appear to be not only commonplace but in fact the norm.

We therefore strongly discourage anyone from choosing their educational support based purely on online reviews, testimonials etc.

Below, we have placed fake or misleading reviews into four categories.


On the homepage of many websites, you will find photos or videos of the students and parents themselves, often together with their parent’s review.

These photos and videos often include young children, e.g. Junior Cycle students (or even younger).

These are typically either paid-for reviews or people associated with the employees.

Parents are unlikely to sacrifice the privacy of their children purely because they liked a service that they paid for, especially when they can just write a review.

Instead, they need to be heavily incentivised to do so, either through cash or heavily discounted (or even free) grinds for the year.


Fake 5 star reviews are typically overly-detailed compared to genuine 5 star reviews.
(Typically, only negative genuine reviews are very detailed.)

Again, such detailed reviews are often paid-for reviews, incentivised reviews or are left by friends and family members of the employees (or by the employees themselves).


If students receive very good, but overpriced, support, you would expect to find many average reviews like the following:

“My daughter found the grinds helpful; however, I still thought that they were very expensive compared to other options.”

If you can’t find many reviews like this for what are clearly expensive websites, that should be an immediate red flag.


On most review platforms (social media, Trustpilot etc.), it is quite trivial to delete (or hide) negative reviews.

There will always be a small proportion of parents who expect miracles from grinds or classes and who will react negatively in their review if they do not receive that miracle.

A complete lack of negative reviews is therefore a bigger red flag than the presence of a small number of negative reviews.

If you’re confident that you’ve found a fake or paid-for review, you should not trust any of the reviews for that website.

As we are not a legal entity, we do not intend to offer legal opinions. 

However, for the reader’s interest, we have provided some of the relevant regulations below in regards to fake reviews specifically.

We recommend that the reader comes to their own conclusions only after seeking professional legal advice.

1) EU DIRECTIVE 2005/29/EC (link)

“…falsely claiming or creating the impression that the trader is not acting for purposes relating to his trade, business, craft or profession, or falsely representing oneself as a consumer”

2) CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT 2007 (43) (link)

“A commercial practice is misleading if it would be likely to cause the average consumer to be deceived or misled in relation to any matter set out in subsection (3) [see link above] and to make a transactional decision that the average consumer would not otherwise make.


“A marketing communication should not mislead, or be likely to mislead, by inaccuracy, ambiguity, exaggeration, omission or otherwise.”

“Endorsements by fictitious or historical characters should not be presented as though they are genuine testimonials.”

If you are a consumer, be it a previous customer or a potential customer, that believes that a service provided by any website is being offered under false pretences, you can make a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI) here.

Likewise, if you have been offered entry into a prize draw etc. for leaving a review, or if your negative review has been removed without explanation, we also encourage you to issue a complaint using the link above.

If you are a previous customer who also wishes to receive compensation based on false pretences, we suggest that you also seek professional legal advice.

If you believe that your identity has been used to create such false pretences, we again suggest seeking professional legal advice.

For more information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

“The educational wellbeing of a student should never be a financial burden on their parents or guardians.”

Below are some of the responses from students that have received help from us on Teacher Chat.
That is great thanks so much!! This site is so helpful, thank you for being so quick.Really appreciate it. 🙂That makes much more sense. your a life saver.That is perfect, thank you so much.Yes that worked, thank you so much for your help.Ok thank you, I was never told about that before.Thank you so much!Ahhh I see!! Thank you so much for your help! It is really appreciated.Oh, I understand now.great! thank you Mr Kenny!Ah yes, I see it nowOhhhhhI understandAhhh thank you for pointing that out!Ohhh okay I get that nowah yes that makes senseOkay thank you very much for your helpOhh okay I’ll try that thanks for helping meI understand now thank you.Cool cool thank you so much!Ohhh I see!Thank you!thank you!Okay thank you so much!thank you. I got the answer 🙂Yes that makes sense now, I’ll try that thank you!Thank you very much mr kennyThats perfect! Thank you for all your help.Thanks for the help. 🙂Thank you for the advice again. Have a good night Thanks for your help.Ok thanks so much that makes much mroe sense!Aaah nice one! Thank you very muchperfect thank you for your helpAll done Thank you for your help!!Ooo thank you for the tip!! I will be sure to remember that 🙂yes I see where I went wrong thanks so muchThanks very much. 😀Okay, thats great, thank you so much!oh I see where I’ve gone wrong now!!brilliant thanksok thats great! thank you so much for all of your help it is really appreciatedI get it now, thank you.

Dr. Ciarán Kenny, BSc (Hons), PGCE, PhD

I am an online educator with teaching and lecturing experience in maths, physics, applied maths, science and medicine both in Ireland and abroad.

Towards the end of my PhD in theoretical astrophysics, I began working on this website in order to provide students with the best Junior Cycle Maths resources possible, all in one place, and at the lowest possible price.



Maths is the only Leaving Cert subject that offers additional bonus points. As such, it is typically the one subject that students strive to excel in.
We therefore created a similar website, L.C. Maths, for those students that wish to maximise their grade in Leaving Cert Maths.
Come check it out!