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Each week of school term, we provide a distinct free grind for both of the following groups:

5th years (HL)

6th years (HL)

The links to watch these grinds are posted on our social media pages each week!


“Everything a student needs, all in one place.”

For one payment of €79, we provide each student with all eight of the following for the entire school year:


For each of the live weekly grinds, only members can:

  • Ask questions during each grind.
  • Try the questions before each grind.
  • Decide what topics are in each grind.
  • Get questions to practice with after each grind.



In addition to the our weekly live grinds, students also gain access to watch the recordings of all of the previous grinds that we have given since we launched.

This therefore ensures that students who are unavailable to watch our grinds live are not missing out! Also, it guarantees that students will always have content to watch in whatever topic that they need help with.


All members gain access to all of the content needed to learn the subject independently, including:

  • Interactive lessons
  • Practice questions
  • Walkthrough solutions
  • “Knowledge Check” quizzes
  • Animations
  • Revision sheets
  • Interactive lessons
  • Practice questions
  • Walkthrough solutions
  • “Knowledge Check” quizzes
  • Animations
  • Prerequisite material

and more!

Our online course has garnered the reputation of being the most detailed, professional course available for Leaving Cert Applied Maths.

Come check it out!


We provide past papers solutions, both in written and video form, for all past papers of the current syllabus.

These solutions can be sorted both by year and topic, thereby allowing students to both practice with full exams as well as focus on exam questions in their weaker areas.

Note: Due to the syllabus change, there are no past paper solutions for this year. We will, however, be going through the official sample paper in our weekly grinds. And don’t worry, our mock exam papers were created for the new syllabus!


Due to the recent change in the syllabus, there is a shortage of resources for students, particularly in terms of papers to practice with.

We therefore provide our students with our mocks exams papers (and solutions!) that can exclusively be found on A.M. Online.

As with our papers paper solutions, these can also be sorted both by year and by topic!

In addition, we also provide sample projects for the 6th year mathematical modelling project, as well as tips and tricks specifically for the project of the current year.



Get an unlimited number of “mini one-to-one grinds” throughout the day, every day, for the entire school year!

Receive immediate responses to all of your questions in the form of messages, images and even videos!

This feature is what many of our students have said has been of most benefit to them and is unlike anything that you will see elsewhere!


In 6th year, applied maths students create a project associated with Applied Maths. This project is worth 20% of a student’s final grade, with the Leaving Cert examination worth the remaining 80%.

Don’t worry! This project requires submitting a report of at most 900 words and is considered to be an easy way to collect marks!

We provide several sample projects so that students can see exactly what is expected from their projects, in addition to tips and tricks that are specific to this year’s project.


In addition to our past/mock exam solutions, we also provide our unique revision sheets so that 6th years have everything they need for revision.

Each sheet comprises a collection of the most important points of each topic in the following three categories:

  • Key Points – the most important parts of the topic.
  • Causes of Confusion – common mistakes that students make in the topic.
  • Exam Tips – tips to give students that extra edge on the exam in that topic.
And yes, €79 is the total price for all of the above for the entire school yearnot per week, per month etc.!

Membership is discounted to €59 only during September!

Leaving cert subjects by the numbers

The percentage of higher level students that received a H1 grade in these subjects over the past five years.


One-to-one Grinds

€30 each
Designed to target your weakest areas.

In addition to the live, interactive group grinds included with our membership, we also offer the more “traditional” one-to-one grinds.

  • Flexible – We let the student decide when the grind should take place and not the other way around. We know that students have busy schedules!
  • No commitments – As we only want students to use these grinds when absolutely necessary, we don’t commit them to doing a minimum number of grinds per year.
  • Cheap – Even though our tutor is one of the most qualified tutors in the country, these grinds are priced at what we believe are very reasonable rates. For example, our one-to-one grinds are priced similarly to many group grinds found elsewhere!

This website was created with the goal of maximising a student's potential in their final exams. We therefore certainly don't mind if students also consider getting additional grinds elsewhere.

However, we encourage both students and parents to be extra vigilant when doing so!

Online grinds can be summarised in one sentence.

The only benefit of online grinds to students is that it is cheaper than in-person grinds.

Any website that is claiming otherwise and thereby charging more than for in-person grinds is being intentionally deceitful and should be avoided.

"Wait, is that statement always true?"

Yes, and it can be easily be demonstrated.

Consider a tutor who has commuted to a student's house. Instead of giving a typical in-person grind, that tutor goes into a different room with his laptop and gives a grind to that student online. That would be the exact same an an online grind, right?

"Well, yes..."

Now consider the last section of that grind where a student is attempting questions. How would an online tutor check the progress of a student answering a question?

"Well, eh, maybe that student could stop writing and lift their answer to their camera? Or stop writing and explain what they've done so far?"

Yes. Most importantly, whatever method is used, that student needs to stop writing. That student needs to break their concentration.

On the other hand, the tutor in the other room could simply walk into the student's room and look over the student's shoulder as they attempt that question, just like a teacher would in class.

"Oh I see! Well, that's a bit of a silly example though..."

Yes, and the reason that silly example was used is because it's so obvious that an in-person grind is better that it shouldn't need to be justified.

"Hmm, but aren't students the ones that sometimes have to commute? Doesn't online grinds save me time?" 

Not at all. You can always find a tutor who who will travel to you. There is not a shortage of tutors. There is not even a shortage of very good tutors. If there was, then why are so many college students working minimum wage part-time jobs instead of earning more by giving grinds in a subject that they know so well that they are studying it in college?

If you look at the notice board in your local supermarket, you will likely find plenty of notices from experienced tutors offering to give grinds in a student's house. Likewise, the overwhelming majority of the teachers that we know do not give as many evening grinds as they would like to.

The majority of grinds websites were set up during the pandemic by greedy people that realised that they could charge high prices for online grinds because in-person grinds were not an option at the time. These people decided to use a global crisis, together with a child's anxiety, in order to extract as much money as possible from desperate parents that had nowhere else to turn. These people are objectively awful human beings.

Now that in-person grinds are back, such people now have to resort to spouting nonsense about why online grinds are better, e.g. "it saves commuting time", in order to continue to justify their ripoff prices.

And yes, they are fully aware that their outrageous claims are nonsense.

"But don't I have to travel to grinds schools and..."

Yes you do. However, the reason that students attend such schools is not because they cannot find a good tutor who will give them grinds at home.

Instead, they attend them because they are a "safe bet". They have garnered a reputation over decades of hiring good teachers (not the best, but good) and therefore will at least have some impact on improving a student's education.

(Unfortunately, this reputation is now somewhat quashed as many of these grinds schools now allow an unlimited number of students to watch their lessons live, thereby greatly reducing the effectiveness of their lessons. However, that's a tale for another time!) 

On the other hand, there are many websites that refer to themselves as "grinds schools" even though many of their "teachers" not only lack those years of experience but also lack even basic teaching qualifications.

In addition, one of the most important distinctions between a school and a "group of tutors" is that schools are regularly inspected by the Department of Education to ensure that their standard of teaching is consistently high.

The quality of tutoring from online "schools" is instead based upon nothing but (potentially fake) online reviews.

"Then why do some parents use such websites?"

"Think of how stupid the average person is, and realise half of them are stupider than that." - George Carlin

Many parents are easily enticed by marketing, particularly by a "free first grind". 

"Hmm... but this online tutor says that they will help me in between grinds too!"

And that is nothing unique to online grinds. You can find an in-person tutor who will do the very same. (And of course, you already have such support right here on Teacher Chat!)

"Hmmm. So, should I get additional grinds here?"

When Mr. Kenny used to give in-person grinds, he typically charged €40-€50 for one-to-one grinds (depending on the subject) and €15 for small group grinds (regardless of the subject).

We price our grinds lower than this to reflect the fact that our grinds are online rather than in-person.

However, if you still feel the need to consider alternative online options, we suggest looking out for the following common red flags:

1) Price

If the grinds are being offered in groups, how much does that tutor make in total for each group grind? Does that tutor therefore care more about the student's education, or the parent's wallet?

If you are paying more for an online grind than the in-person equivalent, you are being ripped off. It's as simple as that.

2) Credentials

If a tutor's price is high, that tutor better be a qualified teacher!

"It's ok though, that tutor got 625 points in their Leaving Cert! Wow!"

This is a very common tactic that you'll see on many websites. Such websites hire college students/graduates who got good grades instead of qualified/experienced teachers as their salaries will be less.

However, retaining knowledge is not the same thing as passing on knowledge!

The tutors who did very well on their Leaving Certificate did so because things "clicked" for them. They understood what was going on when each concept was explained to them. They therefore cannot comprehend what it means for things to not "click".

Teachers use different methods to teach concepts based on the abilities of each individual student. Those who did very well on the Leaving Certificate were taught using the methods used for high achievers. They therefore have no experience (or even knowledge) of the methods used to teach middle and low achievers.

They will therefore likely try to teach each concept using the "method for high achievers" for that concept rather than the method applicable to that student's ability.

This is why credentials matter! While undergoing a teaching qualification, new teachers learn about all of the different methods that are used to teach students of varying abilities, something that unqualified tutors simply know nothing about!

3) Professional

There are many websites that give grinds using a very amateur, ineffective setup.

The setup that we use, on the other hand, is the type that you would hope to expect to find from a website that takes education a bit more seriously.

For example, we use a total of six different screens for each grind, all of which serve a purpose (which we won't bore you with!). We also use professional audio hardware and software, professional streaming hardware and software etc.

Many other (more expensive) websites instead use whatever they happen to already have as their setup. In fact, many websites cram a bunch of student's faces onto the same small screen that they're using as their whiteboard. (Remember, these are the very same websites that are claiming that this is a more effective learning experience than an in-person grind!)

4) Fake reviews

Sometimes, fake reviews can be difficult to spot. Other times, they can be very easily spotted.

In particular, we recommend focusing on the oldest reviews of a website as they were likely less careful about hiding who wrote such reviews.

Remember, if you find even one review that you are confident is fake, that means that website cannot be trusted. 

5) Deleted reviews

If their prices are higher than the in-person equivalent, why have so few reviews (if any) pointed that out?

If they lack basic teaching qualifications but are charging more for a grind than a teacher, why have so few reviews (if any) pointed that out?

If they tick one or more of the above red flags, why have so few reviews (if any) pointed that out?

People tend to leave reviews when they've had a bad experience. When they've had a good experience, they tend to not bother. Therefore, even if a service is generally good, you would still expect to see a significant number of bad reviews.

Why can you find suspiciously so few (if any)?

TL;DR: An e-book should always be cheaper than a physical book as it saves both time and money on printing. An online grind should always be cheaper than an in-person grind as the tutor is saving both time and money on commuting.

How do these prices compare to the alternatives? Well, see for yourself!

One-to-One Grinds
A.M. Online The Dublin Academy of Education The Institute of Education


Not offered

Not offered

Group Grinds
A.M. Online The Dublin Academy of Education The Institute of Education




Information was collected as described on our comparison page.

A more detailed comparison of A.M. Online to these websites can be found on our comparison page right here!

If you’re interested in booking one of these grinds with us, click an available timeslot in the following calendar:

If you’d like more details about how these grinds work, click the button below!

(We will also be launching small group grinds for the 2023/24 school year onwards – stay tuned!)


A.M. Online offers school licences both for schools with and without an applied maths teacher.

These licences include the following benefits:

  • Free teacher accounts
  • Discounted student accounts

Teacher accounts include additional features that significantly reduce the overall workload of an applied maths teacher. In particular, one of the features removes the need for teachers to correct any homework!

More details about our school licences and teacher accounts can be found using the buttons below.

Is Higher Level Maths required?

Not at all! We make no assumptions about your current maths knowledge and explain from scratch any maths that is required.

I’ve already started 5th year. Am I too late?!

Don’t worry, many students don’t even know that this subject even exists when 5th year starts!

We provide a customised timetable for all of our students that allows for plenty of revision time at the end of 6th year, regardless of when they start.

Of course, the earlier a student starts, the less time they have to spend on this website per week.

The sooner, the better!

What devices does this website work on?

A.M. Online has been optimised to work across all of the usual devices – computers, tablets and smartphones!

What day and time is each of the weekly grinds?

The grinds are held every Thursday evening from 9pm.

Students are separated into different groups within that time based on their year.

Each grind will also be recorded if you are unable to attend them live.

For more information, check out our FAQs.

Revision Courses€100+ per weekCrash Courses€50+ eachOnline courses€300+ per year

Below, you’ll find a small sample of some of the responses from students that have received help from us on Teacher Chat!

That is great thanks so much!! This site is so helpful, thank you for being so quick. Really appreciate it. 🙂That makes much more sense. your a life saver.That is perfect, thank you so much.Yes that worked, thank you so much for your help.Ok thank you, I was never told about that before.Thank you so much!Ahhh I see!! Thank you so much for your help! It is really appreciated.Oh, I understand now.great! thank you Mr Kenny!Ah yes, I see it nowOhhhhhI understandAhhh thank you for pointing that out!Ohhh okay I get that nowah yes that makes senseOkay thank you very much for your helpOhh okay I’ll try that thanks for helping meI understand now thank you.Cool cool thank you so much!Ohhh I see!Thank you!thank you!Okay thank you so much!thank you. I got the answer 🙂Yes that makes sense now, I’ll try that thank you!Thank you very much mr kennyThats perfect! Thank you for all your help.Thanks for the help. 🙂Thank you for the advice again. Have a good night Thanks for your help.Ok thanks so much that makes much mroe sense!Aaah nice one! Thank you very muchperfect thank you for your helpAll done Thank you for your help!!Ooo thank you for the tip!! I will be sure to remember that 🙂yes I see where I went wrong thanks so muchThanks very much. 😀Okay, thats great, thank you so much!oh I see where I’ve gone wrong now!!brilliant thanksok thats great! thank you so much for all of your help it is really appreciatedI get it now, thank you.

Your teacher

Dr. Ciarán Kenny, BSc (Hons), PGCE, PhD

I am an online educator with lecturing and teaching experience in applied mathematics, physics, mathematics, science and medicine both in Ireland and abroad.

Towards the end of my PhD in theoretical astrophysics, I began working on this website in order to make the subject of Applied Maths accessible to all students, regardless of economic background, and to give those students the best Applied Maths resources possible, all in one place.


Need help with maths?

Maths is the only Leaving Cert subject that offers additional bonus points. As such, it is typically the one subject that students strive to excel in.

We therefore created a similar website, L.C. Maths, that provides similar features for Leaving Cert Maths, including weekly grinds and Teacher Chat.


Come check it out!