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1) Flexible

The student decides when the grind should take place.

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Each of our live grinds will be recorded so that they may be rewatched on-demand.

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Our grinds can be booked one at a time.
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What is the cost of each grind?

Our one-to-one grinds cost €35 each.

How do I book more than one grind?


After clicking the timeslot for your first grind, you will redirected to our checkout page where you will once again see the calendar above.

From there, each additional timeslot that you choose will be added to your basket so that you may book all of your grinds at once!

How do I access the recordings afterwards?

Each of our grinds students receive their own (password-protected) personalised webpage in which the recordings all of their grinds are conveniently located.

For more information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

“Our one-to-one grinds are comparable in price to many group grinds elsewhere.”

“The educational wellbeing of a student should never be a financial burden on their parents or guardians.”

Below, you’ll find a small sample of some of the responses from students that have received help from us on Teacher Chat.
That is great thanks so much!! This site is so helpful, thank you for being so quick.Really appreciate it. 🙂That makes much more sense. your a life saver.That is perfect, thank you so much.Yes that worked, thank you so much for your help.Ok thank you, I was never told about that before.Thank you so much!Ahhh I see!! Thank you so much for your help! It is really appreciated.Oh, I understand now.great! thank you Mr Kenny!Ah yes, I see it nowOhhhhhI understandAhhh thank you for pointing that out!Ohhh okay I get that nowah yes that makes senseOkay thank you very much for your helpOhh okay I’ll try that thanks for helping meI understand now thank you.Cool cool thank you so much!Ohhh I see!Thank you!thank you!Okay thank you so much!thank you. I got the answer 🙂Yes that makes sense now, I’ll try that thank you!Thank you very much mr kennyThats perfect! Thank you for all your help.Thanks for the help. 🙂Thank you for the advice again. Have a good night Thanks for your help.Ok thanks so much that makes much mroe sense!Aaah nice one! Thank you very muchperfect thank you for your helpAll done Thank you for your help!!Ooo thank you for the tip!! I will be sure to remember that 🙂yes I see where I went wrong thanks so muchThanks very much. 😀Okay, thats great, thank you so much!oh I see where I’ve gone wrong now!!brilliant thanksok thats great! thank you so much for all of your help it is really appreciatedI get it now, thank you.

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Dr. Ciarán Kenny, BSc (Hons), PGCE, PhD

I am an online educator with teaching and lecturing experience in applied maths, physics, maths, science and medicine both in Ireland and abroad.

Towards the end of my PhD in theoretical astrophysics, I began working on this website in order to make the subject of Applied Maths accessible to all students, regardless of economic background, and to provide those students with the best Applied Maths resources possible, all in one place.


“There is no reason why the most effective applied maths support and the most affordable applied maths support cannot be one in the same.

Need help with maths?

Maths is the only Leaving Cert subject that offers additional bonus points. As such, it is typically the one subject that students strive to excel in.
We therefore created a similar website, L.C. Maths, for those students that wish to maximise their grade in Leaving Cert Maths.
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