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We offer a course of 30 classes taught in small groups.

These live classes can be rewatched on-demand and include a FREE membership!

Below, you will find both the booking calendar and answers to common questions about these classes.

Our classes are typically broken into the following five stages.

The first 5 – 10 minutes are spent checking if each student recalls and still understands the material from the previous week’s class.

This is of particular importance if the material of the current class directly relies on a deep understanding of the material from the previous class.


The teacher then introduces and explains the new concept(s).

Throughout this stage, the teacher will be frequently checking each student’s understanding by asking them questions.


Before jumping into practice questions, the class will then spend 5 minutes going through one of our own custom-made “Knowledge Checks”.

These quizzes consist of quick-fire questions which give the teacher immediate feedback as to whether the new material has “clicked” or not.

Based on the results of this quiz, the teacher may also decide to briefly return to stage 2 again above before proceeding to stage 4 below.


The teacher will then check each student’s understanding of the material by assigning some practice questions. This is typically done in three parts:

a) The teacher alone will go through the solutions to some questions.

b) The teacher & students will then go through the solutions to some questions together. The teacher will ask one student how to do the first step of a question, then another how to do the next step etc.

c) The students will then go through a question or two in full by themselves. The teacher will continuously ask students how they are getting on and will encourage them to ask for help if they get stuck.


In the last five minutes, the class as a whole will discuss how confident they feel in this new material.

The teacher will also provide additional practice questions for students to attempt in their own time.

Students will also be reminded that, if they get stuck attempting any of these questions, they can ask for immediate help on Teacher Live! or Teacher Chat while that issue is fresh in their mind rather than waiting until the next class.

This structure is very flexible and may differ in certain classes depending on the material that is being discussed.


However, as we keep our class sizes small, we may not have any timeslots remaining once terms starts.

The sooner, the better!

We offer the ability to create an additional timeslot for a group of students to be given at a time that suits that group.

Therefore, if many of your classmates/friends feel that they would benefit from having such classes, let us know at [email protected] and we’ll create that timeslot for your group!

The price of each of our weekly classes is €10, i.e. a total of €300 for the year-long course consisting of 30 classes.

A detailed comparison can be found right here!

Our classes are a maximum of 8 students in size.

All of our classes are given by Dr. Ciarán Kenny.

Typically 50 minutes, but we’re not very strict on that.

If Mr. Kenny feels that a few extra minutes will greatly help students with their understanding, he will gladly keep going!

We will send you an email within 24 hours with the details of how you can login and access all of the membership resources.


All classes will be recorded and can be accessed from your dashboard at your convenience.

Our classes are part of a year-long course and therefore cannot be booked separately.

If you instead wish to obtain support occasionally throughout the year, we recommend booking our one-to-one grinds.

Our classes take place on Google Meet.

If you are accessing the grind on a computer, there is nothing to do as the link that we provide to join each class will open in a browser.

If you are instead accessing the classes via a tablet or smartphone, we recommend installing the Google Meet app for that device [Android] [iOS].


We understand that some students may feel uncomfortable showing their face in an online setting.

However, at the same time, some parents and guardians may insist that their child keeps their camera on so that the teacher can check that the student is paying full attention throughout the class.

Therefore, if a student chooses to keep their camera off, we shall assume that they have the permission from their parent or guardian to do so. 

Please also note that, although all of our classes will be recorded so that they may be rewatched on-demand, the student’s face is never recorded (for privacy reasons).

Instead, only the teacher’s screen, face and voice are recorded.


These classes are live, not recorded.

Likewise, they are classes, not lectures.

If a student’s microphone is turned off, there would be no benefit to watching those classes live.

Asking and answering questions are a primary focus of these classes, and this would not be possible if a student’s microphone is turned off.

Note that, although all of our classes will be recorded so that they may be rewatched on-demand, the student’s voice is never recorded (for privacy reasons).

Instead, only the teacher’s screen, face and voice are recorded.

We recommend using a computer, a laptop or a large tablet if possible!

All you’ll need is a pen, paper and calculator!

No problem!

Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

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