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The length of time that we recommend members of each team spend on this topic are as follows:


Alpha – 12 days

Bravo – 9 days

Charlie – 7 days

Delta – 6 days

Echo – 4 days


Happy learning!

Learning Objectives

State what energy is

Describe how energy is related to work

State what potential energy is

State what kinetic energy is

Describe how the work done on an object relates to its kinetic energy

Use the Work-Energy theorem to find the work done by a force

Understand that energy can be transformed from one form to another

How and when conservation of energy can be applied

What happens to the energy of a falling object

How to apply conservation of energy to a system of multiple objects

State what momentum is

Describe how momentum relates to how much damage an object can cause

How and when conservation of momentum can be applied

How conservation can be applied in direct collisions

How and when conservation of energy and momentum can be used together

State what is meant by impulse

How conservation of momentum can be applied to a system of connected objects




potential energy

kinetic energy

Work-Energy theorem

conservation of energy

isolated system

open system


conservation of momentum

direct collision