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Echo – 10 days


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Learning Objectives

State what a force is

State how force and acceleration are related

Understand that a net force causes acceleration, not movement

Why gravity is considered a force

The difference between an internal and external force

The difference between mass, volume and weight

Why reaction forces are necessary

How to draw and label a free body diagram

How to find the acceleration of an object due to a net force

State the forces on a hanging object

That an elastic string stretches if a tension force is applied

That a vehicle moves due to a tractive force being applied

Why drag forces exist

Why objects fall at different rates due to drag forces

State the facts that affect the size of a drag force

Why friction exists

State the factors that affect the magnitude of friction

How to determine the direction of friction

Describe why some objects will not move when pushed

Describe how the size of a friction force changes as the size of the the parallel forces change

State is meant by the work done by a force

Find the work done by a constant force

Find the work done by a non-constant force

State what is meant by power

Find the power when a constant amount of work is done

Find the power when a constant amount of work is done

Describe what a system is and what its surroundings are

Find the common acceleration of a system and the forces acting within that system

Explain why a system with a moveable pulley does not have a common acceleration

Find the acceleration of the objects within a system that contains a movable pulley

How to decompose vectors on an inclined plane

The benefit of using rotated axes for motion on an inclined plane

Find the acceleration of an object on an inclined plane

Find the common acceleration of a system that is at least partially on an inclined plane





net force

Newton’s laws of motion

internal force

external force



reaction force

free body diagram




Hooke’s Law

elastic constant

tractive force

resistance force

drag force


coefficient of friction







fixed pulley

common acceleration

movable pulley

inclined plane